Friday, March 7, 2014

WATCH Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 14 You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away

After an anonymous complaint is issued by one of their own, the hospital implements a non-fraternizing policy causing the couples to panic. Meanwhile, Emma and Owen talk about the future, Cristina and Meredith enjoy a little girl time and Richard enlists the residents to help research a rare cancer case.

olex...completely staged. But I have to say I don't care. Can't stand them together I find the couple bland and boring. Jo is just another of the current crop of interns/residents that I think is a waste of space. I can't stand any of them.

For those who have seen the 2nd sneak peek, am I the only one who thinks that Jolex' break up was staged?! I don't think it was real for some reason... Maybe because it was in front of the entire hospital and Jo is reeallly good at fake crying? lol What do you think?

This rule is stupid.. it's the core of the show. Imagine if it were like this from the beginning! SNORE!Yes, back then it was a side story no one even remembers, now it's like a big deal these days which makes you think some things lol.

 I don't agree with what the interns did. They all were willing..they knew what they were getting into by dating/sleeping with their bosses. Get a life and move on.

the new interns are playing the victim plain and simple. you didnt see Meredith screaming sexual harresment when addison came back now did we? No. I hope arizona tears Leah in twomaybe they think that they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings more than they already did!

Urgh, I absolutely despise Leah! She's just pissed bc Arizona and Callie are back and great! Plus, they are buying a house. Leah is so vindictive and jealous it's sickening. #KillHerOff

Also- there has to be certain stipulations to this new "rule". I mean, Derek and Meredith are legally married and so are Callie and Arizona; and so are Miranda and Warren! And NOW so are Jackson and April (Eeeeeeee!! So excited!!) As for Jo and Alex, that has to be, had to be JUST HAS TO BE her amazing acting skills. Remember, y'all- she can work up tears fast! She says it the "number one rule of a street kid." It had to be an act to get "eyes and ears" off their backs. I so want them to last!
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