Sunday, May 4, 2014

First of His Name - Game of Thrones S4 EP 5

Cersei and Tywin plan the Crown's next move; Dany discusses future plans; Jon Snow begins a new mission.

if i was going to really spoil anything, i would have done so in my first post :P But all i am saying is that Daenerys has a really important role to play and although this part has not even been written in the books yet, i strongly believe that everything that is happening in Westeros right now is just one big chess game between R'hllor and the great other with Daenerys being R'hllor's figurehead piece and Azor Ahai Reborn or at least one part of Azor Ahai.

I don't know @Konstadinos, and please don't spoil it if you don't wanna suffer virtual crucifixion, I just started reading AGOT, first book, couple of days ago but I'm guided from what I've been watching. This woman is so smart but she seems to be missing on some major details that it only has to do with common sense which she proven she has in big amounts. But of course nobody is perfect, so my guess is that THAT it will be her mistake playing the game or so I hope to see how will she deal and handle it.

 about the Dragon's dicipline, i believe that in time a pious squid will deliver her the answer to her problems along with some ships. Can't go on with more detail cuz it won't take place until the Dance with Dragons book and even then it is just a speculation based on some events.

that chick that snuck into the boys room and said dont tell was Jeoffreys wife Margaery. Her grandmother told her to get him on her side by seducing him, so his aunt cant warp his mind with her evil ways. In a round about way that's what she was telling her.

You know, I thought winter was coming? I remember season one and even season two that was the big thing. Winter is coming! But it feels like they haven't really touched on that lately...

they ran away, if you go back and watch that scene, when it cuts to the approaching slaves the guards can be seen running away on the left by the wall, the slaves totally ignored them since they didn't fight.

 I think the wildlings are only attacking because of the winter that is coming and all the white walker activity beyond the wall, which is why Osha and other wildlings were heading south in season 1.

 dany is missing the details of ruling. setting people free is step one, taking care of them is step two. she will need a find a way to feed and support her ever growing empire

I may be wrong, it's been a few years since I read the series straight through, but I can't recall the origin of the White Walkers ever really being explained. They're creatures of magic, like dragons and to some extent the Children of the Forest. This is one of the areas in the past couple of episodes where the show is really strike out with its own story-lines and deviate more and more from the books. Hopefully, pretty soon none of us will have any clue as to what's coming up.... personally I can't wait! I had already read these books when the show started, but that's why I'm refusing to read The Walking Dead and just to have this show keep me guessing will be awesome!

I don't think Daenerys "triumph" over slavery's gonna last long. She is doing it all wrong and if she doesn't start some sort of organization and protocol plan on how to keep these slaves busy it will soon come to a mess for her. It is great what she've done yes but she freeing the slaves and then what? party 24/7 for Mhysa? I really thought the WW ate them babies once they got them but I know what is the real deal and I liked it lol these creatures seems to have a very wide intellect and skills for war planning....Poor Hodor and the sirewolves can't wait to see how Jon is gonna deal with his new "brother" once they find Bran since he's there just to kill them all or is it one of the sirewolves who's going to solve that issue? hmmmmm tic toc tic toc

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