Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two Swords - Game Of Thrones S4 Ep1

Tyrion welcomes a guest to King’s Landing. At Castle Black, Jon Snow finds himself unwelcome. Dany is pointed to Meereen, the mother of all slave cities. Arya runs into an old friend.

The Dude/Dudette that posts links for this first i'm hoping around.. 10pm EST ...I'll love you forever! XD I'm really hoping to get to watch this premiere before tomorrow! :D Can't wait! WOO! Winter Is Coming mofo's!

I cannot wait! And please do not post spoilers. I read the book, so I know pretty much what happens, but just don't be a fool

I think I will wait a few weeks before starting to watch this season. This show always tends to drag on for weeks with no action building up to a finale, so watching it all at once is much more gratifying than having to wait for the end. I am sure the first episode will get you hooked and set up the season, but then there won't be anything for weeks.

Believe it or not, I use tv-links for the calendar as well. But it is usually easier to copy the links from here when I am already here looking at the calendar. If I am watching several episodes of a show, then I will use watchseries, or tubeplus, or primewire.

I was not complaning at people spoiling, I know you discuss the episode in the comment section, I was complaining at people complaining at spoilers...

I wonder why people are always complaining about spoilers?!..I mean.more often than not thee people who comment those usually do put *SPOILER* in bold letters with confused.if yu dont wana kno then shuldnt yu jus keep scrolling rite past it and use ya big girl/big boy draws ta hold off reading thee spoilers till after yuv watched?..iono.makes sense ta me!.but ta each its own!!..

Okay guys am so angry because we have a new actor that is gonna play daario naharis am soo angry I didnt even know this. Kinda sucks cause the original actor had already dawned on me.. hate when that happens.

Don't be rude...people are excited and that's what counts. I have waited FOURTEEN YEARS for this season, we can have patience with mere days to go. This will be the bloodiest season (body count and wow factor included). This is also the introduction to my favorite house/family/characters/region....the Martells of Dorne. Oberyn is the man and his daughters; the Sand Snakes are the coolest thing EVER! (check the sigel I'm sporting...)

Chrisspeebits, there are only 5 books, two are in double volumes, six is being worked on and a more likely 7. there could be more considering it was only meant to be a three book series. There for Blablas comment is not that odd. they may started off aiming for 7 seasons but Supernatural started off aiming for 5 then changed to 10 now aim for 12 so ya know.

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