Sunday, March 2, 2014

Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 12 Still

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I forgot to space words & got put in time out. 
Speaking of stray animals when they show streets in North Korea on a doc called Vice not a thing was moving not even birds pecking the ground. It was like a movie set. No people walking into shops, no movement anywhere.

in my original comment, which was badly worded, I should have made it clear I was saying that we HAD seen a horse or two and maybe a cow. It should have read "There was a horse or two and we might have seen a cow at some point, but wouldn't the place..." Apologies.

When they lived on Herschel's farm they had horses but i can't remember what happened to them as far as the story goes.
Then they started showing up with the army & settlements & maybe some cows with them but as far as anything wild you are right i have not seen a single thing either. The virus must have affected them first.

Tonight's show begins with: a shot of the woods at night and the sounds of a storm...Beth and Daryl come upon a can and climbs in the trunk to get a way for walkers...They hear them walk by. Day brake comes with them still in the trunk..the climb out. they grab what they can from the car and start down the road...enter music

Being out in the open is not safe!You find a safe place where zombies cant get to.Like somewhere high.A treehouse or something.And somewhere where other people won't look!Hide it somehow.And you keep your group small.Less mouths to feed..Too many people = too many problems! 

Maybe make a zombie suit so you can mingle with the zombies and interact with them?To learn from them. lol Hey,it's an idea! 

Wouldn't it be cool if there was an intelligent zombie?Could name him Satan?He could have started it all? 

Wouldn't it be cool if the Walking Dead was caused by the actual apocalypse?And in the end Satan shows up and then God shows up and defeats him? 

I have no doubt Daryl will get his mojo back and prevail, Beth not so much, and why is Maggie freaking out over Glen when she does not know where her sister is if she's alive or not! I mean come on girl Beth is the last LIVING member of your family your priorities are really messed up! You can get another husband, yes it may be tough being as it's the ZA and all but a man is replaceable not your blood! My guess the only thing left of Beth will be her blog/diary! LOL
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