Monday, March 10, 2014

The Walking Dead The Grove Season 4 Episode 14

Sasha just needs to go away. She's like the new Andrea: stupid, self righteous, and annoying. 

I keep expecting that trucker guy who does the heart burn commercials to show up, because apparently rednecks are the main survivors in the zombie apocalypse. Not bashing.. I grew up in a terribly small town, I just expected... idk more hippies or ... more variety, I guess. 

Terminus is where they will all be re-united again, but hopefully it's not the home of the Saviors, or else they're screwed. Daryl will be a part of the group that Rick ran into as a soldier, not a prisoner because of his skill with the crossbow. I also think Beth will be allright because of the car that took her had cross on the back window and her innocence, still in danger but won't be harmed. Next episode will most likely have a death but the combo of Tyrese and Carol should be interesting to watch. Also the next season will have deaths, a lot of deaths, possibly even fan favorites, too many ominous signs like Daryl in the coffin and Michonne going on a rampage after seeing a zombie that looked like her

If Daryl in the coffin is foreshadowing, then I'm done with the show.

Speaking of variety, are we ever going to come across "walker hunters?" I mean seriously? I'd expect some proactive people out there who are like, "welp, since I don't have a day job anymore, I'm going to start hunting zombies." Think about it, massive traps for the herds, and then just light `em all up. No??? Just me? 

I don't really care about Beth, or most of the characters for that matter at this point, I just want Daryl to find Rick. All things will be good when they find each other. It's obvious that's why Daryl was most upset, because he misses his buddy. They will find each other and it will be good. 

Ps. I hope the dog comes back. Need a character to be more likable? Give him a dog.

There needs to be more than 3 choices in the poll. I didn't want to watch it forever, but I walso wasn't indifferent to it. I was somewhere in between. So I didn't vote.
I think it is pretty clear that the next three episodes are just going to get the main characters to Terminus, and that will be the cliff hangar. I didn't read the comics, and didn't Wiki ahead to see what Terminus truly means for them, so I have no idea what is coming. My best guess is that they walk through the gates or walls or porticullis or drawbridge to Terminus after being invited in by whoever is in charge. And then we ge to speculate on who he/she (probably he) is for a couple months.
I want to know more about Sasha, not Bob, but that may be a hormone thing talking. Also, Bob is still creepy.

I didn't think Glenn knew Maggie was going to Terminus like the earlier comment. I think he was just coming across a sign for it somewhere else and thinking that that is the first place he will look for her.

I know they changed up the seasons shooting schedule and lay out, but there hasn't been enough Rick. He isn't just the main character in the comic, he is who they started the show with. He is how we learn about the Z.A, and how to kill them, disguise yourself around them and everything else, for the CDC to everyone becoming a zombie. And I am not just missing him because Andrew Lincoln is really killing the role, but the show seems to be more aimlessly meandering when his character isn't a part of the plot. Obviously part of that is because they don't want to deviate toooooooooo much form the comic, but since they already have they should be using him to fill in the gaps in the changes, either to explain the difference or to make sure no one feels like they have just gone so far off the story that you'll never know what is coming. Don't get me wrong, I like seeing Darryl, Beth and Sasha, but at least show Rick once every other week. 

The extended preview form Talking Dead left me baffled. But damn, Lauren and Sonequa have some seriously sexy legs.
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