Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Mountain and the Viper - Game of Thrones 4x8

Unexpected visitors arrive in Mole's Town; Littlefinger's motives are questioned; Ramsay tries to prove himself to his father; Tyrion's fate is decided.

I agree people shouldn't be posting spoilers, BUT the show is different to the books, it runs on the same basic plot but a lot of stuff is missing or changed from the books. theres a easy way STOP reading the garbage people say about the episode that hasn't aired. I disagree with anyone who says the comment section should only be left for posting of links, its obvious you's havent been here from the start when it was called tvlinks and they used to post links themselves. comments are just that, to tell others what they think and if they enjoyed it or not.

 I'm soooo sorry for my mistake, yeah I actually meant exactly what you just clarified. Didn't meant to include you nice Canadians, and Alaskans of course, on that quote. I so hate it when people refer to the US as America so I get you perfectly. Sorry again LOL (I can't stop laughing).

Jokerz I can't wait for the walk of shame scene either it was one of my favorite scenes in the book since i've always hated that character.

I'm annoyed at myself for being so impatient for this episode. I wish I was just discovering GofTh now for the first time so I could binge watch it. Failing that I wish tomorrow would bloody well hurry up!

Excellent episode ! Somehow, Tyrion Lannister is one of the most intelligent, realist and pragmatic character in this serial ! I hope he won't die, "Game of thrones" wiil not be the same without this interesting dwarf !! Good lock Tyrion !! I am curious how the producers will solve this situation, because a dwarf can't win a knight or a soldier !

I guess that explains why I didn't recognize him - that's just a huge fail, not just two, but three different actors for a character who shows up in only a couple of episodes.

checkouthecomments - I am actually thinking Sansa will defend Baelish, I think the promo sets it up to look like she's attacking him but that she will be on his side. It will be interesting to see if playing the part of Theon reminds Theon of who he actually is too.

Total guess, haven't read the books, been looking for spoilers for the next ep, but without much success.

There are so many conclusions/action/set ups this episode... I think it will be the best of this season!

Things that are confirmed to appear in this ep.:

1. Reek (Theon) finally gets back to his castle just so he can betray his father later on since Reek is now fully loyal to Ramsay.

2. Sansa will try to reveal Littlefinger's lies to the people at Lysa's castle.

3. Wildings attack a town very close to castle back and we will see their reaction to the attack.

4. Tyrion's awesome fucking trial by comeback will happen with what will probably be a badass fight between Oberyn and The Mountain.

And all of this is just what they are telling us in the promo... this will be a huge ep!

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